Best Christmas Ball Ever (Production title)


Role: Sophia

Directed by Nick Lyon

With Elisabeth Harnois, Christian Oliver, Samuel Hunt and others

A  Jewellabs Pictures Production

Vienna Blood

TV series

Role: Madame Borek

Directed by Umut Dag

With Matthew Beard, Jürgen Maurer, Jessica De Gouw, Conleth Hill, Charlene McKenna, Amelia Bullmore and others

Producers: Endor Productions Ltd., MR Film Group, ZDF, ORF



The Optical

Role: Oona Purser

Directed by Johnny Kios


Enemy Of The House

Role: Nina Markovic

Directed by Darren Denison

Starring: Enver Petrovci, Skumbin Sopjani, Donikë Ahmeti, Florist Bajgora and more

A Denison Global Entertainment Production



Role: The Inquisitor

Directed by Morten Tyldum


A Horror Film Trailer

Movie Trailer, Los Angeles

Role: Scream Lady

Directed by  Jon James Smith

A Thorny Devil Production

Clocking The T

Movie, Los Angeles

Role: Ursula Mack

Directed by Michael Thibault

A Visible Evidence Production




Short Film, Los Angeles

Role: Mrs. Tanner

Directed by Emilia Ramírez Atiles

A NYFA Produktion

Welcome To Vienna

Role: The Host

Directed by Tony Zawinul

A Zawinul Foundation For Achievement Production


SOKO Kitzbühel

TV Series, Austria

Directed by Gerald Liegel

Role of Dr. Simone Katzian

A Beo-Film Production

Welcome To LA

Role: The Host

Directed by Tony Zawinul

A Zawinul Foundation For Achievement Production


The Silent That Follows

TV Movie, Drama

Directed by Nikolaus Leytner

Role of Fr. Wendt

An Allegro Film Production


The Figure In Black

Web series

Directed by Bella Gyulnazaryan

Role of Babara, The Figure In Black


So Far So Good

Short film

Directed by Rudik M.Osorio

Role of Maria

A UCLA Production

Change In The Tide

Music video, Los Angeles

Directed by Marc MDoc Williams

Singer & song writer: Emily Mott

Role of The Copmposer

An Indasoul Entertainment Production


Broken Promises

Directed by David Ray

Role of Phyllis Greenberg

A Broken Promises Films Production


Dream Shop (short film)

Role of Teresa

Director: Satoshi Kameoka

A NYFA Production

2011 - 2012

Die Freischwimmerin

TV, EPO Film

Director: Holger Barthel


The Percipient

FILM, Wonder Worthy Films

Directors: Angel Jimenez, Erick Kaslov

Premiere at the Cannes Filmfestival 2012, Official Selection - Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival 2012


Paul Kemp - No Problem Whatsoever

Role of Susanne Schild

TV-series, DOR Film

Director: Harald Sicheritz


Father's Day

TV-movie, DOR Film

Director: Michi Riebl



FILM, Darren Denison Entertainment

Director: Darren Denison

2006 - 2010



Regie: Peter Kern


King Kongs Tränen

KINO, Nanook Film

Regie: Peter Kern


Der Besuch der Alten Dame

TV-Film, WEGA Film

Regie: Nikolaus Leytner


Der Arzt vom Wörthersee

TV-series, GRAF Film, Episodes 2-4

Director: Peter Weissflog


SOKO Danube

TV-series, SATEL Film

Director: Erhard Riedelsperger


Novotny & Maroudi

TV-Comedyseries, GEBHARDT Productions

Director: Leo Bauer



Film, Winner of the viennesevideo&filmtage

Director: Simon Spitzer